Monday, December 6, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

1970's Girl Named Possum - m4w - 57 (Polk County)
I'm looking for a woman, would be in her 50's now. She was short blonde and had a western belt with 'POSSUM' on back. She was into horses, rodeo. Went to River Ranch an other country places. Does anyone know anything about her?

My face, your ass - m4w (Tally)
Sitting in class, I found myself enshrouded in your heavenly ass gas. You kept letting them out, one by one, without a care in the world, silently....and I couldn't help but lose myself in your aroma. As it filled my nose, mouth, and lungs, I couldn't stop wishing that you could do that on my face. It would be bliss - would that I could have been your chair that day...mmm.

You farted in Publix yesterday - m4w - 41 (Clearwater)
You were the tall brunette with the near perfect body that farted in the bread section last night. I was the tall guy next to you that looked over and asked, “Was that you?” You quickly replied “No…Wasn’t me!” You almost seemed insulted I would ask. As the stink grew you continued to deny your flatulence, but it was evident. I tried to get rid of the stench by waving 2 loafs of Ciabatta bread. You proceeded to storm off in an angry manner. You are beautiful and even if you are a liar and fart like a Clydesdale, I’d love to meet up sometime.