Monday, March 23, 2009


Strubing gave us a free ride

I find myself on AutoPilot each time after I go to The Castle. AutoPilot being that i'm there, but im just going through the motions. No thoughts are thought out, No correct decisions are made, All regard for others feelings are thrown out, And most importantly there will be no recollection of anything. Time and space do not exist on AutoPilot. The reason why this always happens after The Castle is that I have to already be inebriated to make the decision to wanna hang out with all the freak/goth/industrial/sunglasses at night/superhero costume wearing/gay/raver/leather pant wearing patrons. Anyways I was having too much fun to take my own photos. So these photos were taking by Sierra, while I was in a far far away place in my head.

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tink said...

hahaha saturday was pretty awesome.. i get this feeling every time i'm in tampa.