Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Everybody is Somebody in Roanoke

The classic product toss...

Sticker toss that is

Everyone was signing autographs whether you skated or not


Free art

Aaron was extremely famous this particular day

Photo Ops

These kids were completely amazing


Highlight of the demo

The guy with the shaved head goes by the name of Froggy...and he's serious.

I thought I had seen a lot of gnarly backwoods in my time on this planet. You haven't seen anything yet til you go to Roanoke Virginia. Trust me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

The perfect timings of Whitney Houston - w4m - 24 (not florida)
I want to dance with somebody...or just you.

Guy with a cold - m4w (ASC)
Hey girl, I know you saw me yesterday at All Saints cafe. Word, I saw you looking at me. I know every time you heard me coughing and hacking you were turned on. When I sneezed like five times in a row I know you thought 'don't stop, oh that sound.' When I blew my nose, and I made that sweet sound like an elephant's mating cry, or a goose's death wail, I saw you looking at me. I know you just couldn't resist me. Vainly wiping up the snot running from my nose with a rough napkin, chapping my face, I could tell you wanted me. Every time I excised mucus from my nose, and boy was there a lot, your face contorted with pleasure and I swear I heard you moaning under your breath. 'Oh how I want that sick, sick man inside of me,' you thought as I coughed again, this time blowing spittle all over my laptop screen. I saw you sighing as I blew my nose again and again. Usually I try to go outside when I need to sneeze because its just too distracting for the ladies, but for you I stayed inside just to turn you on while you batted your eyes in my direction. If you are the girl I'm talking about email me back and you can make me some chicken noodle soup.

Frat Boy in the Mustang - - w4m - 18 (UCF)
Hey, fuck you. I was driving tonight and a big SUV was blocking my view in the U-turn on Alafaya. I pulled forward a little bit to see around the SUV, and I guess I threatened you and your precious Mustang, because not only did you swerve two lanes away from me (Which was completely unnecessary) you actually waited at the light for me JUST so you could flick me off and then laugh with your friend. You are so fucking awesome and cool, I just can't believe what an inferior stupid woman driver I am. Have fun flunking college, asshole, one day I'll be your doctor and you'll wonder why you were such a douche to me.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

George Washingtons Hood

One night in DC we ended up staying with Greg who is the owner of Palace5ive skateshop. Greg lives 5 minutes from where George Washington used to live.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bombing Under The Influence


Thursday, September 24, 2009

All New Queer Eye For The Texan Guy

"He jump on my vagina because he get so crazy"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

18th Street Washington DC

A few of the guys wanted to get some tattoos so we stopped off at Tattoo Paradise

If you want a dick in the ass shaped as an american heart, a donkey fucking a senorita blowing its load into his own mouth, or just an overweight 3 eyed jabba the hutt green penis with tentacles. This is the place to go.

I went around the corner and ate the biggest slice of pizza in my joke this is one slice (notice the size compared to my thumb)

Night had fallen and we were still there waiting on some tattoos to be finished up

So beer was then purchased and consumed as we took over the front stoop and turned the stairwell into a club

Shirts are not required to get into our club

This guy tried to get in but unfortunately was not on the list

Kyle was hungry. I knew the perfect thing...How does a crispy crust covered in gooey cheese the size of your head sound?

The answer is mmmARGHRFFFF

Always dive in head first

It was so delicious Kyle and Cullen decided to act out they're favorite scene from Lady & The Tramp

Monday, September 21, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

still looking for girl selling taser at mall - m4w (lake wales)
you were sitting outside eagle ridge food court selling a taser i gave you some money to buy your kids diapers i think your really sexy i hate myself for not trying to hook up with you then please get with me i dont care about your martial status if your single or not i just wanna get with you please respond with your name

Burger King Closer - m4w - 27 (Winter Park)
I came in late. Made a sarcastic comment about the one door being locked as I entered. I had ordered some things through the window that were going to take a while. I was giving a fellow student a ride home as you were cleaning the tables and ready to go home. = [again sarcasim]
It started off quaint as I was drinking the milkshake while waiting, I noticed your heart shaped tatoo behind your left ear. It really intrigued me. I think you noticed me too..Maybe? Hopefully, not as just another crazy guy in Burger King.
I felt horrible for my companies decision to stay and eat inside, and was glad to see you relieved of your duties. I was on the line of saying something to you before I left as you sit smoking a ciggarette. I just didn't want to be too brash...I probably didn't seem like it, but I am fairly shy when it comes to seeing a cute girl. Even if she is in her work attire at the end of her shift. =]

Posted on - m4w - 34 (Orlando)
"I just got back from Disney World with some of my college girlfriends. One day we were on Pirate of the Caribbean about halfway through when the ride had a problem and all of the boats got stuck just sitting there for an hour before it finally got moving again. Well during that time I had to go to the bathroom so bad it wasn't even funny. I was wearing black shorts about mid-thigh length and after 30 minutes couldn't hold any more and peed myself slowly a few seconds at a time since nobody could see the wetness on the black shorts. My friends didn't even know. But then I realized how bad I needed to poop, too, and was farting badly. My friend next to me asked if I was ok but I had to whisper to her the truth that I had already peed my shorts and was about to poop myself, too. She said it was ok and my friends would understand and not make fun of me. I tried to hold it longer but soon the turn was pushing its way out and squishing into my panties under my butt and I couldn't stop it so I lifted my butt off of the seat a few inches and all the poop just pushed out really fast into a giant lump in my panties. At least it wasn't runny or anything. I slowly lowered myself back down on the seat and the poop smooshed out flat and some of it came out of my panties and onto my upper thighs and butt cheeks. it was nasty. When we finally got off I waddled into the bathroom and into a stall, took off everything and my friend bought me a new pair of shorts, but there were no panties, so I had to go commando after that and just threw away my ruined clothes." If this is your story/post, I would love to get in touch with you. I've had similar experiences and would love to just talk. Please email me if you are interested.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

The James River

Some locals in Virginia took us out to the James River. After a mile long hike, and some stream crossing we arrived at our destination. I wasn't even planning on getting in thus The Dickies and no bathing suit. My decision quickly changed when I saw Mighty James, so immediately it was straight to the boxers. The river's super shallow with tons of slippery rocks and quick currents. You can just sit down in the water and the current will shoot you around all the rocks. Unfortunately it rained us out, otherwise we would have never left.