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The Never Ending Story

Click the photo for a good time! Thank you to Booby Tassels for this amazing find...Now the party never has to stop!!!

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Missed Connection Mondays

Weird Al Concert - m4w - 32 (Jacksonville)
You: Stunning hottie totally into Weird Al Yankovic. Were at the show with what appeared to be a total douche. Our eyes met during the Yoda encore and I think you knew you'd rather be with me.

Way to make me happy! - w4m - 24 (Riverside)
I might claim to be a werewolf, but you look more like one than I do with your chops, handlebar mustache and mullet. I'm just posting this because I don't gush to my friends, so I am going to gush on here. You make me feel like no man ever has. I think it's the mullet... ! Kidding :)

The Holla 4 a Dolla Tree - w4m - 37 (Atlantic n Kernan)
I was w/ my babies and husband n saw u at the dolla store 2day.
Me: two kids and a broke ass nigga that aint worth nothin, flickin' his cigarette all ova the damn place and checkin my feet for poo poo
You: handsome young man in uniform buying candyyyy. i'd like to be yo candy
I saw you get in your blue vehicle and drive off. Maybe some day you can take me for a ride and maybe even for a drive in your car ;) Tell me what fast food place your work 4 so i kno its u. id luv 2 make u my mcdouble

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Is This a Joke?

I really hate Eminem but I love his fans. Wait for 1:15 and you will literally Laugh Out Loud. Holy Shit!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anarchy Dog Lives!

There have been lots of riots and protests from both anarchists and workers in Athens, Greece specially the past few years. One interesting thing is that there is one dog that is spotted at these riots from 2008 till today. Damn this makes me want my own anarchist dog. More photos of the Anarchy dog here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Hipster girl smoking on burrito brothers patio wearing blue blockers - m4w - 19 (BURRITO BROTHERS!)
Super high pants. You were with your friend. I don't think you guys said a word to each other cause you guys were on your iPhones. That's fine. I can be your friend. You can not talk to me. I just want to look at you. You lit it up a cigarette. It was hot. Too hot. I told you to put it out and you obliged. There's more where that came from, sister. I've got a lot of money. They pay me well. I am the boss. I can buy you some clothes. Respond with what you ordered. I don't want to be alone anymore. It's so hot out :( I need your icy stare.

you came to work without panties - m4w - 47 (your apt.)
Just wanted to say hello and let you know I still think about you.All those nights in your bedroom,and all the times at work.What I remember most is banging you as you were looking out the window at cars going by.That and your ex in the next room made it something to remember.

Hottie Tater Tottie - m4w - 33 (Jax Beach Bitch!!!)
I saw you on Atlantic Beach Blvd today, and almost crashed as I was driving by. You were wearing daisy dukes, and pushing a shopping cart full of kids. I don't think that any of them were mine, but who knows??? Damn Jim Beam...anyway, seeing you today really took me back to the trailer park and gave me a super duper woody all the way home :) my steering wheel is kinda sticky now, but it was worth it. I'd like to bend you over that shopping cart some time and eat that ass, yummy...

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I'm on a Cruise!

Took my lady out on a Birthday Cruise, no captions needed...Well except for that weird guy who was wearing devil horns a few tables down from us.