Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

NC-17 to PG-13

I posted this before, but it got deleted so once again in all it's glory.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Adventures of Quail-Man

Wow who knew Donald Trump could kickflip to fakie

Masked Mexican

Serpico says let's burn this godamned town to the ground

A Clockwork High Life

Arch Nemesis's Quail-Man and Mucho Loco come together to join forces

Period blood for shots....why not?

MMM Menstruation

Tirar los cuernos

Freddy caught the Quail Man mid roof-raising

Mike Goodwine as "Polk County"

This is where things started to go downhill....

Right about now

Tommy Tampax

Failure to Launch

Blast Off!

Alex signed away his soul

Boys just wanna have fun

This is my favorite photo i've taken in a long time. I wish every party ended this way. Those are only a very small selection of photos I shot. There's a ton more here. <<(click)
Also check out the digi cam montage, Complete with Alex's speech

Monday, October 26, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

The two boys in the woods with ukuleles - w4m (Tom Brown Park)
To the two boys carrying ukuleles on their backs - I tried to discretely follow you into the woods, but I lost you on the trail. I wanted to hear you play those lovely instruments you carried. I hope the trees enjoyed your songs.

Steak n' Shake Spices - w4m - 22 (13th St.)
I was at Steak n' Shake a few weeks ago with two other friends. You were alone at a table by the bathrooms. There were a bunch of guys at a table between us talking about getting "seated" and wanting sex with each other, without a condom. We kept making eye contact. You were adorable.

To the guy who waved at me and then cut me off on Main St today - w4m - 23 (Main st. )
I was at a stoplight on my white motorcycle when you pulled up next to me in your tan truck (maybe a chevy?). I could feel your school boy eyes penetrating my soul and when I look over you and your passanger friend are staring. You wave, I wave back. The light turns green, we both go through another intersection, and then you cut me off to make an abrupt right turn. At first I dismissed you as another douchebag who acts like he has never seen a chick on a bike BUT I was very wrong!!! The moment you inconsideratly swerved into my lane and then watched me slam on my brakes in your side mirror, I felt a real connection with you. I was completely caught off guard by your charm! How did you know that my turn ons include long, unwashed hair AND reckless driving?! If you could only hear the sweet names I was calling you inside my helmet... ;) I hope you get this so we can go out some time!! (fingers crossed!!!!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friends, Drinks, Costumes, Mini Ramp

and a disco ball and fog machine Tonight! be there hit me up for details

Animal Kingdom SAY WHAT!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Do yourself a favor

and check out my man Adams blog Babies N Beer here the post that is up right now is beautiful

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Go out with your OHHH Face!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Bash

Tommy and Leo discuss the intricacies of Mike Ryans switch kickflip

Matt and Joe, Little did Matt know in about 2 hours he was going to be sitting in jail for having a party....a party

Squared sighting

Rip N Dip

Tree Trunks

The Captain


This is when the fairy came to town

The Bud Light and Jr BaconCheeseburger Fairy came and presented treats to everyone

Fine Dining

Finer Dining

This is when things got weird

If only the BudLight Jr BaconCheeseburger Fairy could also double as a T-Shirt Fairy

When Dropping it like it's hot goes cold

Anyone have the hankering for a Matt Sandwich...Right after this photo was taken the cops broke in illegally through the back porch and kicked everyone out. The party was just getting started, and they ruined it before it could really get crazy. For the full story click here There's also some more photos Here

Monday, October 19, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

my virginity, lost you when I was 17, still have the box you came in - m4w - 23 (NAS Jax)
I will admit, I miss being a virgin. Everything was exciting back then, don't you agree. If anyone out there has lost their virginity, contact me. I won't help you find it, but I'll grieve with you over our loses. (In unusual grieving ways)

yes you - m4w (gano and deberry)
To the lady that gave me the universal sign for a blow job as she drove past my car at the 4 way stop sign, COME AND GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt know what to say back to you since it happend so fast. if you read it just let me know where and when? lol i will have to eat your pussy as well.hope you dont mind lol

why were your glasses so big? - w4m - 21 (the top on saturday)
they were cute i guess, but kinda weird which was obviously the plan, and you made fun of how my hair was long and blonde, suggesting it should maybe not only be shorter but also black. i was sweeping today while my roommate was taking parts off of his bike and i mentioned you and he was able to accurately make fun of you without even having to see you or know who you were, does that suck or do you like it? i think i accidentally swept the answer up into the dust pan. anyway, i just wanted to say you make american apparel look like the gap.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Get You Some

There's no way this kid did not turn out to be gay.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Old Dominion

I ripped my pants skating downtown in Richmond. This is there final resting place

This is Cullen on his way back down from a blunt to fakie

All skateboards go to Heaven

This place had everything......except shade

Watch out for King Koopa a.k.a. Bowser

Use your imagination

Aaron shut em down click

I like to move it! Move it! click