Monday, May 18, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

If you don't know what Missed Connections is, Go to Craiglist click on Missed Connections and have a field day. It's the 21st Century way of stalking people.You just post creepy messages describing what and when you saw someone doing something. Usually a person you're attracted to, Or a person you just want to stalk in your free time. It's some of the saddest stuff you'll ever read, while at the same time you're laughing your ass off reading it.

Drunk rollerbladers - m4w (Northeast St. Pete)
looking for the 2 cute drunk girls on rollerblades heading to McDonalds at 2:30 in the morning email me back and lets have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bartender at Mojo's - m4w - 26 (lakeland)
you filled my beer up really fast. beer after beer, you kept it full. yeah, you was actin like a bitch, but you wanted some cock in ur life. u NEED some cawk in ur life girl. that way you won't be so mean at work. can i put my cawk in ur life and mouf and pussy hole. u'll be servin beers with a smile. u mean ass bitch, lemme knock the mean right outtcha. you little slut, you know you want it.

Thank You to Whomever Left the Package of Diapers at my Front Door - m4m (N. Pinellas)
Daddy will put them to use...

cute toes and feet - m4w - 30 (St Pete)

you have the cutest little toes. I love them short and stubby. I would rub them for you all day long. If you have these toes contact me

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