Monday, January 25, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

You Farted on me at the new Kroger on 96 - m4w - 34 (Warner Robins)
We were on the bread aisle and you let one slip. When i laughed you turned bright red. I ran off because of the smell of rotten cheese, but i think we had a moment when our eyes met as we passed again on the beer aisle. I'd like to get together and plug that leaking hole up for ya...tell me what team jacket i was wearing so i know that its you...

Windys - m4w - 60 (Hartley Bridge Rd)
We were both at Windys around 12.15 today picking up something to go from the inside and you had left and as i was leaving you came back in and you had forgotten your water. We passed each other in the doorway and i thought you were a doll. I would like to chat if you would, drop me an e-mail. Thanks

Alyssa? Smokey Bones Citrus Park? Holy boobs!!!! - m4w - 28 (Citrus Park)

I think that is your name....maybe not.....tall, long brunette hair, huge VERY perfect boobs. I am tall, 6'4, 190, in shape, well hung.....i want to strip you nakes and give you a good tongue bath......PLEASE

Looking for a fake girlfriend - m4w - 23 (Facebook)
I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years because she cheated on me. She thinks I should forgive her and that we should get back together, but I'm crushed, want nothing to do with her, and simply want her to feel as terrible as I do. It's been a little more than a month now so I figure her seeing that I'm in a relationship with somebody else should do the trick. Just to be clear, I'm not looking for any sort of real relationship. I don't want to meet you, date you, or anything like that. I just need a decent looking girl to be "In a Relationship" with on facebook and maybe the occasional wall post. This is not a joke. Please email if willing to do this.

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booby tassles said...

Am I just as pathetic as the last dude because I almost want to be his fake decent looking girlfriend on Facebook? :( Poor sucka