Monday, April 19, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Jr. Bacon at Wendys on Park blvd - w4m (Pinellas Park)
We shared a moment earlier today at Wendy's. When I saw you bite into that juicy jr bacon, I knew that I wanted those bacon greased lips to be on mine. Why didn't we talk more? Perhaps its because you were to busy indulging in the savory all beef jr. bacon, with majo, fresh lettuce and crisp tomato. Maybe one day you could squeeze my jugs like you squeezed the fresh bun that held fast the tantalizing beef within. Even if I don't hear from you, we'll always have this fast food moment.

I'm the guy waving on hwy 19 & 50 for gold buyers..pimp hat! - m4w - 40 (spring hill)
I work in both Spring Hill and Tarpon Springs....I usually have on my plaid pimp hat or a black one and mardi gras beads....I am single,,work 2 jobs and love when you holla at me! I am also starting school and have very few friends....Awwww....honk and holla....or stop and give me your digits sometime!

Mooning on I4 - w4m - 30 (Orlando, Florida)
So, I just have to say, thank you for the wonderful laugh of yesterday's highlight of the day!!! I was out in Orlando area, I think in Deland area helping out my roomy's dad for stuff. It had been a long day of shopping here and there. On the way home, back to her dad's house around 7pm on I4, a white F150 pick up truck decided to ride next to us, we were in a blue suv, my bff's vehicle and I was driving, at first I ignored you guys cause I figured you were making faces and such silly stuff. Then, I finally looked, omg I have never seen such a white ass printed against the truck's window!! After you guys you guys passed and we took off onto our exit, I rolled down the window flipping my middle finger at you guys, and laughing hysterically. No, I don't want to hook up with you guys, just thanking you for the laugh, weather it was suppose to be an insult, or we were cute, or you guys were just having fun, or all of the it doesn't matter cause I'm still laughing about it.

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