Monday, April 26, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

To the 1/3 of the goth girl trio - m4w - 20 (University Ave Library)
When I saw you I was wearing a pink shirt that admittedly was too small for me so that my arms looked good which said "You had me at Woof" I got the shirt in the mail by accident but I didn't bother to return it. We locked eyes a couple of times. I kept trying to find excuses to talk to you but was intimidated by your blonde friend who I felt certain would tear me to shreds if I tried to approach. I even tried writing my phone number on a paper airplane and thought about throwing it from the reading balcony but there was just no way I would make it. I now use the airplane as a bookmark.

Girls at x-mart today - m4w - 23 (Tally)
To the girls that were looking at dildos and such today. U were beautiful and I could give u a reason notto look at those. I was wearing a white shirt. Let me know of you are interested

Ned Flanders driving the black Mercedes G-Wagen - w4m - 29 (I-95)
I passed you in the red Miata. You couldn't control your road rage. I was going to follow you home, but didn't want to waste the time on a middle aged geezer who didn't have the balls to even look in my direction when I was along side you. Next time I will follow you home and kick the shit out of you in your own yard. I have your tag and can easily find you. Learn to control yourself douchebag.


booby tassles said...

The last thing a group of girls looking at dildos wants is a man.

Petunia said...

Do you know from experience?

booby tassles said...

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to ask questions yo already know the answer to?