Monday, July 12, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Hottie at bar w/ husband - m4w (Longwood)
Hey...i really hope you see this! Im looking for the most gorgeous milf ive ever seen. u were at the bar with your husband and sang karaoke with some kids. I couldnt stop staring at you 2! even your husband isnt bad. god i wanna meet you 2 again! if your wanting to get together again(even with your husband if he would be into that). email me back with the song you sang and the color you said your panties were. ;) Hope to hear from you guys soon!

The two girls that tipped me twenty cents. - m4w - 22 (Sakura)
Do you not understand how restaurants work? I realize that I fucked up your ridiculous sushi order (who the fuck gets carrots in their makimono!?) but I quickly corrected it. So not only did I have to pay for the disgusting rolls (which I'm eating right now doused in soy sauce) I had to suffer the humiliation of opening your bill to find two shiny dimes. I don't believe in Karma, but I'm sure you'll get your comeuppance.

paid for dinner and my love - m4w - 22 (baymeadows carrabbas)
You bought someone dinner at the table i wait in carrabbas italian eatery. Some douche nugget made you pay when i would have gladly paid if i got the chance to bone you after, maybe in the back door, if youre into it. I would also father our children in the traditional carrabbas manner. i liked your eye lids, and your calamari, i guess its our calamari, like our love. ive got a raging boner that wont quit, help me my love!

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