Monday, July 26, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Weird Al Concert - m4w - 32 (Jacksonville)
You: Stunning hottie totally into Weird Al Yankovic. Were at the show with what appeared to be a total douche. Our eyes met during the Yoda encore and I think you knew you'd rather be with me.

Way to make me happy! - w4m - 24 (Riverside)
I might claim to be a werewolf, but you look more like one than I do with your chops, handlebar mustache and mullet. I'm just posting this because I don't gush to my friends, so I am going to gush on here. You make me feel like no man ever has. I think it's the mullet... ! Kidding :)

The Holla 4 a Dolla Tree - w4m - 37 (Atlantic n Kernan)
I was w/ my babies and husband n saw u at the dolla store 2day.
Me: two kids and a broke ass nigga that aint worth nothin, flickin' his cigarette all ova the damn place and checkin my feet for poo poo
You: handsome young man in uniform buying candyyyy. i'd like to be yo candy
I saw you get in your blue vehicle and drive off. Maybe some day you can take me for a ride and maybe even for a drive in your car ;) Tell me what fast food place your work 4 so i kno its u. id luv 2 make u my mcdouble