Monday, September 13, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

CVS punker chick - m4w - 22 (Fort Myers)
It was aboot 1:30pm as I walked in. The cashier greeted, but I didn't respond.... Straight to the soap isle I went, not realizing the connection we soon would have... I wandered down the isle, admiring the sales. I noticed a sale on lufa's. WHAT LUCK! I need a lufa! As I turned the corner to find the proper color, our eyes met. We had a moment.... I think it could of been more than a random glance. Could this be something? Blast! They don't have the color I want! On to the refreshments... I grabbed a soda for the road and headed to the register.. Only to cross paths with you again.. Should I say something? Should I bolt for the door and leave my receipt? Not likely...With that being said. If you were at the CVS across the street from San Carlos Park at around 1:30pm and your hair color happened to match your shoes... I look forward to hearing from you. I was the strapping young lad sporting the green basketball shorts, black shirt, and sandles.
P.S. I never did get a lufa~

McAngry... - w4m - 22 (Mcdonalds on Archer)
Your voice cracked through the speaker. My heart jumped through my skin as you bitterly told me "We are only accepting cash, can I take your order?" Your dark heart sent shockwaves through my soul. After gorging myself on medium fries and apple pies, your vocal venom has forced me to reevaluate my life. I stare now through an empty mirror and the now empty husk of my fries almost mocking me with their lack of sustenance "none more will be the food", says I. Shlub ketchup be upon yee breast. This ketchup stains my shirt, this ketchup stains my heart. You have forever changed my life, all-knowing Mcdonalds voice. CALL ME :0)

Unconscious at Hardrock - m4w - 27 (Hardrock Casino)
When I first noticed you, I had to look twice because there was something about you that caught my eye. Perhaps it was the fact that you were lying down in a parking garage, completely unresponsive. While others were walking past you, I began checking your vitals. I felt a connection after I successfully enabled you to regain consciousness from your comatose state. While trying to diagnose the cause of your eyes rolling back into your head, I felt like we had a moment. I hope you are doing alright, as you weren't breathing and most likely would have died or become severely brain damaged from a lack of oxygen if I didn't give you mouth to mouth. Let's go for a coffee sometime.

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