Monday, September 20, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Blair, like the Blair Witch Project - m4w (~Downtown-ish)
We talked about being alive. I said I'd find you by posting on Missing Connections. Probably a poor decision on my part.

Girl w/ Harry Potter T-Shirt - m4w - 24 (Holland Hall)
To the girl with the Harry Potter T-shirt on, I saw you sitting outside Holland Hall on the steps near the student lounge. You were talking with some friends and when I walked by we shared a moment with our eyes or at least I thought we did. I thought you looked great with your Harry Potter T-shirt and khaki shorts on. I overheard one of your friends say your started with a "D". You had tan skin, with light brown hair and about average height. I thought you were just as beautiful as Hermione Granger. Anyway, if you see this and are interested. I'll be wearing my Dumbledore's Army T-shirt every Monday or Wednesday around campus so look for me. If you see me and you're interested, do a little swish and flick or maybe put some love potion in my drink. Either way, I'll definitely be interested.

You Pepper Sprayed Me in Publix Parking Lot - m4w - 41 (Downtown St. Petersburg)
You: Were getting in your car with your groceries.
Me: I'm the heavyset guy who came up behind you to invite you to our local meeting of the "Mr. Potato Head" collectors society. (I'm the Assistant Vice Treasurer.) You cracked my shin with your high heels and pepper sprayed me. My ostomy bag sprayed all over your new dress. You were being coy by calling me a "brainless f***ing idiot." Something sparked and I can't wait to see you again. I've been collecting aluminum cans, and maybe we can go in your Jaguar to a nice restaurant on the beach and... who knows!

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