Monday, December 20, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

To the cute Gryffindor at Hogwart's shop - m4w - 25 (Wizarding World of Harry Potter)
On sunday I tried buying a Slytherin scarf from you and you told me Slytherin weren't worth it. I found you extremely cute and interesting, and you carry yourself way better than most Gryffindors. I'm pretty intereted in you, and I could show you that some Slytherin are not bad at all, all it takes is a reply from you.

GOOD TIMES AT PITA PIT - m4w - 24 (soho tampa)
Ok, this is funny.. Your my friends sisters friend.. We all made fun of these post while we were eating at Pita Pit. I was making fun of you too.. Calling you too young and that you were Jamaican but didn’t look like it at all.. I was singing " I am Jamaican, and I have a bobsled team, Cool Running’s! hahaha, kiss me lucky egg.." I don’t think you liked that too much.. But I do think you are really cute and wanted you to call me last night but you didn’t.. So mad.. lol I don’t remember if I gave your friend my number awhile back or not.. But as lame as this sounds, If you get this... message me back and we hook up something’s.. LOL

TACO BELL - m4w - 24 (mills orlando)
i saw a cute young blue eyed girl, couldn't take my eyes off of you. Really just wanted a blow job and a chalupa. Interested?


booby tassles said...

I've been dying to give out a free blow j and chalupa for quite some time now. Coincidence? I think not.

booby tassles said...

That guy may be well served at Taco Bell in the early morning hours on a Saturday.

Tampa Pita Pit (Food Delivery) said...

Nice post, we are trying to help make the missed connection at our south tampa resturant happen. We re-posted it on our blog