Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Infamous

The Rock-Afire Explosion is one of the best bands in the world. They started out at Showbizz Pizza. I remember going as a kid and being in shock at how amazing they were. Not to mention the pizza was pretty good too. There was Billy Bob Brockali who was the "big bad bass guitarist". Looney Bird who sang, and hung out in his oil drum. Their drummer Duke LaRue would always come out dressed in his silver space suit. Then their gold tuxedo wearing keyboardist Fatz Geronimo who also sang. Electric Guitarist Beach Bear could wail on guitar. Usually rocking a beach blonde wig, and only wearing a pair of swim trunks. They even had their own cheerleader Mitzi Mozzarella who sang back up vocals. The above clip is The Rock-Afire Explosion blowing Usher out of the water performing his song "Love in this Club"

1 comment:

tenfeetall said...

this is the "dark side of the moon/wizard of oz" of our time.

or some weirdo has these things at his house and just animates them to whatever song he wants. either way, the gorilla saying "AYY" was too good.