Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Simply Nuts

I have never and will never understand this. I'm not even sure what they're trying to say? What do fake nuts hanging from vehicles tell us? Other then the obvious...You're just retarded. First off you must think they make you "Tough" "Manly" "Rugged". You could just really enjoy nuts, dare I say they make you "Gay" If you swing that way(no pun intended). When it's that time in a man's life to buy a fake scrotum for his vehicle. It's a big moment, Another form of puberty even. I just think about him picking up his brand new Nutsack, Carrying it around the store, Waiting in line. All to spend between eighteen and fifty dollars(depending if you want them to light up). They even have blue ones, if you want permanent blue balls. Then he has to go to work hanging his precious new Man-Tonsils. So after all that, He had numerous times for a rational thought to go through his head. Screaming to tell him "Wait! Don't do it! They're Gonads hanging from a truck? TRUCK TESTICLES! It doesn't make sense, Stop save yourself! Save the people who are going to be sitting behind you at traffic lights." But alas these thoughts never surface. Whenever I see a glimpse of a pair of shiny Meat Bags hanging from a yellow Hummer. It brings me peace knowing they are still out there, It also scares me a little bit at the same time.

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