Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Adventures of Quail-Man

Wow who knew Donald Trump could kickflip to fakie

Masked Mexican

Serpico says let's burn this godamned town to the ground

A Clockwork High Life

Arch Nemesis's Quail-Man and Mucho Loco come together to join forces

Period blood for shots....why not?

MMM Menstruation

Tirar los cuernos

Freddy caught the Quail Man mid roof-raising

Mike Goodwine as "Polk County"

This is where things started to go downhill....

Right about now

Tommy Tampax

Failure to Launch

Blast Off!

Alex signed away his soul

Boys just wanna have fun

This is my favorite photo i've taken in a long time. I wish every party ended this way. Those are only a very small selection of photos I shot. There's a ton more here. <<(click)
Also check out the digi cam montage, Complete with Alex's speech

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lakelander said...

one of the best nights of my life!!!!!!!!