Monday, October 26, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

The two boys in the woods with ukuleles - w4m (Tom Brown Park)
To the two boys carrying ukuleles on their backs - I tried to discretely follow you into the woods, but I lost you on the trail. I wanted to hear you play those lovely instruments you carried. I hope the trees enjoyed your songs.

Steak n' Shake Spices - w4m - 22 (13th St.)
I was at Steak n' Shake a few weeks ago with two other friends. You were alone at a table by the bathrooms. There were a bunch of guys at a table between us talking about getting "seated" and wanting sex with each other, without a condom. We kept making eye contact. You were adorable.

To the guy who waved at me and then cut me off on Main St today - w4m - 23 (Main st. )
I was at a stoplight on my white motorcycle when you pulled up next to me in your tan truck (maybe a chevy?). I could feel your school boy eyes penetrating my soul and when I look over you and your passanger friend are staring. You wave, I wave back. The light turns green, we both go through another intersection, and then you cut me off to make an abrupt right turn. At first I dismissed you as another douchebag who acts like he has never seen a chick on a bike BUT I was very wrong!!! The moment you inconsideratly swerved into my lane and then watched me slam on my brakes in your side mirror, I felt a real connection with you. I was completely caught off guard by your charm! How did you know that my turn ons include long, unwashed hair AND reckless driving?! If you could only hear the sweet names I was calling you inside my helmet... ;) I hope you get this so we can go out some time!! (fingers crossed!!!!)

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