Monday, October 19, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

my virginity, lost you when I was 17, still have the box you came in - m4w - 23 (NAS Jax)
I will admit, I miss being a virgin. Everything was exciting back then, don't you agree. If anyone out there has lost their virginity, contact me. I won't help you find it, but I'll grieve with you over our loses. (In unusual grieving ways)

yes you - m4w (gano and deberry)
To the lady that gave me the universal sign for a blow job as she drove past my car at the 4 way stop sign, COME AND GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt know what to say back to you since it happend so fast. if you read it just let me know where and when? lol i will have to eat your pussy as well.hope you dont mind lol

why were your glasses so big? - w4m - 21 (the top on saturday)
they were cute i guess, but kinda weird which was obviously the plan, and you made fun of how my hair was long and blonde, suggesting it should maybe not only be shorter but also black. i was sweeping today while my roommate was taking parts off of his bike and i mentioned you and he was able to accurately make fun of you without even having to see you or know who you were, does that suck or do you like it? i think i accidentally swept the answer up into the dust pan. anyway, i just wanted to say you make american apparel look like the gap.

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booby tassles said...

It's 2009, the only virgins left are 9 year olds.

Is American Apparel better than Gap? I couldn't tell if this was an insult or compliment...or either.