Monday, November 2, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

american greetings lakeland mall - m4w (lakeland)
hey to the girl that worked there today you were very beautiful i bought the cinderilla and snowwhite statues i thought you were really hot baby i would love to get with you sometime you put the disney collectibles in a box for me while i was on the phone if your interested in me just reply with your name i remember it off your name tag and i think you got a great ass too

Peacock seeking GI Joe - w4m (Hard Rock Seminole Halloween )
We took pics at Hard Rock Seminole for Halloween... You wanted to motorboat me...Can't get you outta my head... Your Friends dragged you away before I got your name. I'll be in Florida 3 weeks... Maybe we can grab a drink and take the boat out for a ride???

Cute Guy Alone w/Frisbee - w4m - 28 (Jax Beach off Beach Blvd.)
It was Sunday, Oct 25/09, sometime after 3pm. You were playing frisbee alone along the shoreline; just you and the wind (kind of like hackey-sack, if you're old enough to remember that). I was walking behind you, collecting shells. Swear I wasn't stalking you, it just looked like we happened to be on the same path. I even saw you again the next morning & we did the same thing (you in front, me behind)!
You were cute (and very talented with that frisbee), but I was traveling alone by car from Canada and not looking to meet anyone, which is why I didn't say Hi. At one point you were facing me as I came out of the water and looked like you wanted to say something...
If you can tell me the color of your frisbee, describe what you were wearing and/or remember me enough to be able to describe me, give me a shout. If nothing else than to confirm whether or not the interest was mutual.

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