Monday, November 16, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

Jewish People UCF - m4w - 28 (Oviedo)
Not sure craigslist works or not but i will give it a shot. To the absolutely gorgeous girl who sits near me me in Hansons Jewish People 1 on Tuesday nights: Sorry for staring i couldn't help but glance your way. Your a knockout! Hit me back if you read this.

cute magic man at downtown disney - w4m (buena vista drive)
you taught my brother magic and were super cute/nice and I am sorry I was so shy & never really got to say goodbye before I left and I leave florida for good in 6 days.
remember, the short girl with a weird voice and you were scared to guess my age?

To the blind girl I used to follow - m4w - 26 (E Orlando)
I think you are beautiful. Its an overused adjective true, but none the less,
even though you cant see me, i hope you might think my voice is attractive. I used to see you walking around, and hoped one day i could muster up the nerve to talk to you. Im am too shy, and im sure you never even noticed i was there sweaty hands weighing my options. Im sure you must have heard my heart beating a million miles a minute.
i scurried off head in my hands, and you vanished.
I went home, and signed up for a blind / impaired website asking for advice form fellow blind people about how to approach you, i got bitched at for assuming blind people were different to approach than anyone who was not blind. I didnt mean any harm, i just rarely am around blind people, and didnt know how to approach her. To be honest, i am rarely around women as beautiful as she is. Blind or not. I also got scolded on the blind forum for admitting to having tried to blindfold myself and see what things were like without sight. I didnt mean any harm by it, i just wanted to find a common topic to approach you with so i could just start a conversation. I saw you around a few more times, even tried talking to you, but i think you are to smart for me, you sure read more than I do. at any rate, i havent seen you out and about in some time. school has me to busy to "hang out" where you frequent, and when i do get the time you are no where to be found, I hope you find this, and you are still single, although someone as phenomenal as yourself wont stay single long im sure.


booby tassles said...

Reading is easy with eyeeeees closed. Misunderstanding all you can't see.

lakelander said...

i blindfold myself all the time just to see what its like, i'll meet a blindy some day too. good to know im not alone

Petunia said...

we need braille missed connections