Monday, March 1, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Hipster Girl at The Top - m4w - 24 (Gainesville)
You're so hot and trendy!
You: Trendy hair with some kind of ugly unnatural hair colour, ironic tattoos that you'll regret, decades out of style leggings, super duper cool rad wayfarer ray ban sunglasses (knock off of course, wouldn't want to be too mainstream would we?).
Me: Laughing at you. Hope to hear from you!

little person at walmart almost 2 weeks ago - m4w - 30 (fleming island)
I wanted to talk to you.... I was trying not to stare because I didn't want you to think it was because of your height. It was because you were so beautiful.... I know this is stupid you'll probably never see this or care but I really would love to have dinner or drinks and get to know you.

driving down i4 jacking off - m4w (i4)
When I'm driving home late at night I like to jack off while driving. Sometimes I'll roll the window down and look at a girl while I'm driving next to her. Nobody has seemed to notice...if you have send me an email and what car I was driving.

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