Monday, March 29, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

I saw you at the Beach and i wanted to take you and eat you out babe - m4w - 25 (south beach)
i was just at the beach and i saw so many sexy girls in there bikinis and i got so turned on that i was not able to take it any more :) so i came back to my Hotel room, and im sure that when you where at the beach you saw so many sexy guys as well and that sweet pussy got so wet hoping for a sexy good looking guy comes around and plays with it and licks it out really good :) so guess what the sexy guy is here from NY and i want you babe, i wanna make you go crazy hit me up.

You stole my breath... and my sushi - m4w - 27 (FSU)
It was a magical night, the wind was blowing, the trees were singing. I genuinely felt electricity in the air as I entered my local Publix last night. I was on a mission. A mission to obtain yummy sushi. Brown rice spicy tuna. Yes, please! And then I saw you and stopped. You were breathtaking in your own way. Your hair flowed, pale complexion drew in passers-by. Our eyes met as I wandered close. I was going to say hi, but I didn't as I fell into a jealous rage when I got close.
You wandered away and I was left heartbroken and stomachbroken. Left to choose between inferior white-rice spicy tuna or a combo roll, wondering
where it all went wrong. I've rethought my position, and I think there might be something between us. I have some jealousy issues when it comes to sushi, and some repressed nerd-rage, but we can work through them. Write me?

You brightened up my trailer - before you ran out the door in disgust - m4w - 60 (Gainesville Outskirts)
I can't get you out of my mind. How your body looked silhouetted against the Miller Lite beer sign hanging in my living room. You played the part so well. Walking into my double-wide and listening to every instruction as I guided you from kitchen as I made my self and peanut-butter and banana sandwich. You stepped over the beer cans littering the place like a nimble deer would step through a dew-covered field of clover. You didn't mind the video camera I had set up on the glass top wicker dining room table. Especially after I told you it was there to capture your beauty for the rest of the world to see. I could see you hesitate as I asked you to take off your sweater. As I told you it would get warm since my A/C had been broken for two years. But you did it - nervously. Oh, where are you my muse ....
When I walked into the living room with you, sandwich in one hand, and 98 oz big gulp of Dr. Pepper in the other, I saw you recoil as if you had been bitten by a . Am I so hideous to you? Can't you see the man I really am beneath the overalls and layers of heart-clogging fat. As I fell into my t.v. watching chair, I asked you to come closer so I could see you better. Stepping towards me, you heard a sound in the next room. That's when my son fell through the door he had cracked open, and lay sprawled on the floor with another video camera in hand.
Why did you run......

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