Monday, May 3, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

No bra at animal shelter - m4w - 22 (Tom brown park)
Several months ago. You weren't wearing a bra. You were outside smoking. A friend was with you, adopting a dog. Just wanted to give you props for going out in your jammies and letting the twins swing free.

Cute husky redheaded boy ride operator (Rip Ride Rockit) - w4m (Universal Studios, FL)
This was back in march... It was close to when the Rip Ride Rockit had first opened... I was the redhead with black glasses and an aqua/black leopard print tank top. I couldn't fit in the ride restraint so they moved me to the "bigger" one. That wouldn't fit either. You were the one trying to close the restraint on me. It didn't latch so you said "Don't sweat it, I can't ride either. Sorry about that." and I sort of ran off. I wish I had gotten your number or at least been more friendly to you. I thought about you the rest of that day. You had the cutest little face. I think you also had glasses. Well, I'd like to talk to you and get to know you so if you're reading this please respond!!! :D

I crashed your wedding and slept with your sister - m4w - 33 (Orlando)
Ok look, I'm the guy that crashed your wedding this weekend and made an ass out of myself. It was a free bar and a rocking party I couldn't help myself. I ran back up to my room, put on a suit and mingled until the booze kicked in and I felt the need to dance. Here's the problem, I slept with your sister and didn't wear protection, I think I love her. I think it's the right thing to do to court her and then invite you to our wedding. It's the least I can do. So if you can find it in your heart to forgive please pass this onto her, was was amazing (And also I still have her panties) Thanks!

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