Monday, May 10, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

this goes out to all of ya'll but mostly any guy that drives on 46 - w4m (geneva)
seriously. if you see a cute girl on a horse DO NOT honk your horn and "holler" or wave, it spooks the horse and puts that girl in danger, and it kinda makes us feel like going after you and kicking you in the head with our boot, which by the way, is not nearly as painful as being kicked in the head by a horse! its just dumb and really accomplishes nothing. dont get me wrong its nice to be flirted with but on horseback theres a fine line between flirting with us and getting us bucked off. thanks.

breastmilk/preg woman - m4w - 33 (Fort Myers)
Just looking for a mom who is breastfeeding and wouldnt mind sharing :) If you want to help please email me. If you wish you have a picture of me I will once you email me. I would like a picture of you first. White 18 to 33 year old non smokers or drinkers or drug users. (You shouldnt do that while preg or breastfeeding anyway) If you are younger that is fine also. Thank you

To the man who forgot its mothers day for his wife - m4w (Naples Publix)
Thank you. She was so frustrated she took me to my car after shopping and gave me the best head ever. I guess frustration head is a good thing. She wanted remnants of the taste of cum in her mouth when she got home. Mrs., if you read this please contact me again. Tell me how we met in the store so I know its you.