Monday, May 31, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

to the young man at bailey's powerhouse gym - w4m - 20 (mandarin)
About half the time I go to the gym, I see you there, flexing those muscles. You're great motivation to get to my ass to the gym. I cannot handle the way that you make my vagina tingle when our eyes meet. I'm too shy to really confront you though.

Almost my birthday - m4w
I still can't believe you could be so self-centered and heartless to "forget" to mention that you had herpes. One more year gone and I'm still alone. You know why? Because women don't want to get herpes (who does?) and there are plenty of other men out there who don't have it.
I hope there's a special place in hell for women like you.

Uncomfortable Silence - m4w - 52 (UCF Bus Stop)
I was the older latino man you were sittings across from on the UCF bos on May 23rds, from 4:11 to 4:32 pm. When you first asit down I couldn't ignore the undeniable blods flows I felt between the legs. It felt like my entre body was a throbbing hard. eery time you turns your head and I got a wiff of your strawberrypretty blond hair my pants the tight and tight, until it felt like I was going to tear them open and show you what the real man privates look to lol lol. I also wanted to sorry for you the way you must have felt when you caught me feverish jerki my manhood underneath the briefcase. ... much love sweet princess... I cleans knight crossings park lot tues and thurs if you want have fun more times


booby tassles said...

remind me to steer clear of knight crossings park lot...

Petunia said...

You don't "want have more fun times?"

booby tassles said...

Jerkin' it under a briefcase is only fun for one

Petunia said...

depends on what side of the briefcase you're on