Monday, February 7, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

(In reply to last weeks connections)
Re:to the girl who ripped me off - m4w - 53 (op)
I hope you double bagged your junk, stupid! What did you think a $15 hooker would smell like Chanel #5??!! Write off the $15 and go get checked for any STD's. Learn to talk to girls, and find someone who you can develop a relationship with! Until then I suggest you date only Palm-ula and her 5 sisters! Pinhead!

We were skateboarding at USF- you were cute - m4w - 22 (USF)
hey me and my boy were skating usf, you were so cute, wanted to talk to you but i was soaked with sweat gross i know.

Boy wit "my crazy life" tattooed on his face - w4m (Publix deli)
U always come to my deli n get a sub I think ur soooooo cute

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