Monday, February 14, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

Last night at the Atlantic - m4w - 21 (Gainesville/The Atlantic)
'Ello I am svelt and often moistened man looking to find a wonderful lass I snogged the night prior to today's own night. You were rather attractive and I quite fancy you. I gave you my number but I think it was the wrong one (I have yet to hear your song like voice coming through my telly), I was quite possibly stricken dumb by your radiant beauty. Anyway I have black curly hair like that of Patty Mayonnaise from that show Doug and I dance like an Egyptian quite well. Well, my mates and I danced like Egyptians and my mate might have fancied your one friend too. Maybe we can double date? I hope you see this, right.

UCF student disabilities office - m4w (UCF)
to the lady in the student disabilities office at UCF. I think you are pretty. We talk occassionally, but I never get up the courage to say I want to fuck you til you can't stand up.

Argyle McDonalds - w4m (Argyle Area)
You were there with your son in the play area. I believe his name was Tyler. He was four and had white blonde hair. I'm chicken and never have the guts to approach anyone. I'm not sure if you'd have been interested anyway. I had woken up late, worked all day (teacher), and was ragged and gross by the time I made it to McDonald's. I had the three kids, and we left because my daughter peed her pants. Let me know if you might want to talk more. Please tell me where I sat in relation to you so I know you are the right person. ;)

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