Monday, March 14, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

To the women without bras on - m4w (Sarasota)
Id like to personally thank every one of you who took the time to think about it and choose not to put a bra on under your shirts prior to going out downtown! Thank you VERY much!

Sexy "Little Person" employed at WalMart Kirkman Rd. - m4w - 48 (Kirkman Road)
This message is to that gorgeous sexy woman who is considered a "little person." You work at the WalMart on Kirkman Road by MetroWest and the other night in passing we had a short conversation where I commented on how good you look with that new haircut. I couldn't tear my eyes off of you for one minute! Unfortunately I am not single but I just had to put this out there because I just don't know when I will see you again but I know we will cross paths soon. By no means am I a pest and I think that you know this but if you are interested in maybe getting closer PLEASE let me know discreetly in person (You know how to find me!) or by emailing me right here and I will get back to you immediately! Until then I will keep my fingers crossed and please don't hesitate to reach out and touch, I think you are soooo delicious!

hot ass black girl walking in pj's on your cell - m4w - 31 hillsborough Ave & church
I'm the guy in the silver truck that was tryin to talk to you. I know its a slim chance but hit me up. You were a dream come true. I work right there we can hook up when I get off(IF YOUR OLD ENOUGH). Hope I hear from you. Lookin for nsa friend with benefits. I'm not a weirdo or Lunatic just have a fantasy never fulfilled.

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