Monday, March 21, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

Do you want to do your Boss? - m4w (Bradenton)
The other day at work, I called you over to look at the computer screen. You pressed your boob against my arm and kept it there for a while, I know that was on purpose. If you want to take the next step, I might just let you.

onle sex - m4w - 24 (tampa)
looking for hot girl too chill and drink and have sex no date or bull sheet send me pic i send you 24 latinois 4ooam monday i chill know

"Flying High" - m4w - 31 (I-95 North)
To the woman with the beautiful fingernails, sitting in a large commercial aircraft, seated just in front of the wing: I was the guy in the black German car, 10 thousand feet beneath you, doing 85 mph. on Interstate 95 North, traveling the opposite direction of your flight, when you quickly glanced out the window, and I think you winked at me. Tell me what CD I was listening to, the name of the band, and the year the CD was released; or tell me the amount of air pressure in the right front tire of my car at the exact time I drove underneath your plane, so I can verify that it was really you.

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