Monday, March 28, 2011

Missed Connection Mondays

Megacon_Star Wars section - m4w - 26 (Convention Center)
You were alone trying to take a picture of yourself with Han Solo in Carbonite (I think...I can't remember now), but, I asked if you needed help and you gladly accepted. I turned around and missed what you said and completely regret not even trying to talk to you. I was wearing a thin gray cardigan, blue/dark blue striped V, and dark colored jeans with a grey pork-pie fedora. I hoped to have spotted you somewhere during the convention, but, it obviously never happened. I don't wanna wonder what couldn've been.

girls that almost hit me at walmart - m4w - 22 (thomasville rd)

you both were in a white car i was walking in to walmart and youall almost hit me and then started laughing , since youall tried to hit me i thought ill hit on youall if you read this get back at me

FUCK YOU right back at you :p - w4m - 98 (University& 17th)
YOU, underaged, sweaty, "super college", white boy bonehead
ME, walking along university and 17th
I just wanted to say, it was super awesome and sexy how you cowly and awkwardly shouted "FUCK YOU" from a slow moving honda civic at me. It was hot and definitely unexpected for someone like you. yr underwhelming gesture left me wanting more, quit trying to play itsuper cool boy lol :)


booby tassles said...

the "FUCK YOU" was obviously a gesture of love

Petunia said...