Monday, June 15, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

Miami Metro Zoo - m4w - 28 (Outside My Pavilion)
You: Short, hot, Asian, tank top and jean shorts, taking my picture
Me: Shorter, hairy, mouthful of french fries, sitting on the edge of a moat I Hit you in the chest with a rock trying to get your attention. Then you stormed off...
If you have a change of heart, meet me same time, same place, Sunday. I'll be the one with the NKOTB t-shirt.

Floyd's Last Saturday night - m4w (Hard Rock)
Was talking and dancing with you, you know who you are. I was wearing the shinny red pants and thin red tie. Can't believe I didn't get your name.

We are a group of three attractive men who are hosting an after party at our place tonight. After all the bars and clubs close at 2am we are looking to host a number of people over at our place. We will provide the drinks and music. If you are serious please respond with a picture and we can respond with ours if you really would like to know what we look like. We are all atleast 6 feet tall. Work out 5-6x a week and keep in good shape. We have muscular builds with broad shoulders. We will probably be doing this a few more times including this weekend.

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