Monday, June 22, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

you on your uke friday night - w4m - 21 (5 points)
My friend and I were walking around the galleries for first Friday when I saw you outside of a coffee shop in 5P. You were in a teal shirt and vest, bandanna and glasses. Later I saw you play your ukulele... the songs were super! Your friends nicknamed you A.C. Slater and you were going to karaoke at the Pearl. Sorry I missed out on seeing you sing some more... I think you are cute and I'd like to get to know you better! Let's ride bikes around riverside and sing sing sing!

McDonalds Babe - m4w - 26 (PC)
You were lovin' it last night in the drive thru. You were in the 94 Dodge party van and ordered strickly off the Dollar menu. I like a woman with strong negotiation skills who tries to get 3 apple pies instead of the traditional 2 for a buck on the menu. You really know what you want. I am impressed by your appetite as you were able to run up a tab of $37.86 strickly off McDoubles, medium fries, and apple pies. Still hungry?

Brandon Tijuana Flats - Redhead at 4-5pm Friday - m4w - 32 (Riverview)
I loved looking at your sexy nipples though your dress. Get rid of the douchebag you were with and let's fuck.

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