Monday, June 1, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

"Nice Legs" at Shell in PBG - m4w - 36 (Donald Ross Shell)
I saw you, and all your sexy legs getting out of your white car at the Shell station on the corner of Donald Ross and Central, last Saturday night. I was the guy on the Harley that you were checking out too. As I rode by, I said, "Niiiiiiice legs..." Unfortunately, I kept on riding. If you'd like to straddle those long legs over my Harley and go for a ride, drop me a line. Tell me what kind of car you were in and the window decal you have on the back.

I saw your breast - m4w - 32 (Gainesville)
I was walking down stairs in main UF library happened to look down and saw your entire right tit!!!!U were coming up the stairs and adjustimg your bra thinking that no one was around.U then noticed me as I tried not to be noticed as I was stunned by the shapliness of what must have been a very boyant size D+ cup.Immediately afterwards I jizzed in my pants..but i dont think u saw that part.If your out there....I NEED TO SEE THAT OTHER BREAST!!!!The future of mankind depends on it.

Cute girl at Burger King near FSU - m4w (Tallahassee)
You were at the Burger King on Tennessee St., around lunchtime. Apparently, your sole mission was to buy the whole set of Star Trek glasses, much to your friend's pseudo-chagrin -- that made me smile.
You were adorable... Be still my beating heart...

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mdockery said...

shortly after i jizzed in my pants....
be still beating heart!!!!!