Monday, June 29, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

Cute, chubby goth girl - m4w (Marineland)
I was just leaving, getting into my black PT Cruiser
you were just arriving, getting out of an SUV driven by either your parents or grandparents (I couldn't tell)
we made eyes more than once, and I just wanted to know more about you

Yellow onions - m4w - 22 (Tampa)
You asked me about onions this evening and you were gorgeous. That's all.

Cyclops - w4m (Islands of Adventure)
This is for you, sexy man in the Cyclops suit. I was there on Thursday for my friends birthday, and you might remember me... I was the one with the shirt... and the hair... oh yeah, and I was all sorts of fucked up. I would like to apologize for my forwardness when I grabbed your ass, but I could just not ignore those buns! I know most of your muscles were fake but I saw right through the spandex body suit to the tall, dark and handsome man underneath... No seriously, we thought you were wearing stilts. I didn't even come up to your armpit, and I'm 5'5". And even though you had a mask on I could tell you looked some kind of Tom Cruise, except more handsome, and not bat-shit Scientologist. And as my luck would have it, you probably have a lovely wife, most likely named Jean. But when she inevitably dies, I can be your Emma Frost. Anyways, I would like to apologize again for my level of drunkenness in a public area before noon... and I looked at the picture once I sobered up and you were just as hot as I remembered, so I know my judgment was just fine. Woody Woodpecker would like to differ, most likely because I told him to "Get it hard for us, Woody!" ...he did not like that at all, and I have the picture to prove it.

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