Thursday, July 2, 2009

You can find em...At the Market!

Let me introduce you to the Legendary Sammy Stephens. Actually No! Sammy Stephens needs no introduction. If you're not aware of this Commercial Jingle Genius. Then well...All I can say is may God have mercy on your soul. Below is the story of My friend Scotty's encounter with Mr. Stephens.

So the other day I get a phone call from a number I've never seen before. I answer to a Loud, Booming, Soulful voice singing these words. "HEY HEY is this Pat at the MARKET, I'm talkin bout FLEA MARKET..MONTGOMERY. It's just like, It's just like a MINI-MALL." To which I replied in a confused and slightly frightened voice. "Umm yes". I'm thinking one of my friends is prank calling me. As I'm trying to figure out what's going on. The mysterious yet familiar voice says "Pat it's Sammy Stephens, I'm here with your friend Scotty. He told me you were a fan!" The pieces started coming together when Scotty got on the phone. He explained he was in Montgomery Alabama for a family reunion. Since he was there he knew he had to stop at the infamous Flea Market Montgomery. Scotty found Sammy there kickin it as usual. They chilled for awhile, Sammy signed some photos even made phone calls to his true fans(me). Oh and it turns out, It is just like a MINI-MALL.

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S. Ayers Photo said...

I like that slick ass hotstep he does like 30-something seconds in. Jazzy like a fox.