Monday, July 6, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

who knows the girl in bright green beach outfit at Frenchys 3 wks ago? - m4w (At Frenchys Rockaway)
She was with wedding party or bachelorette party and was sucking on a straw that was topped with a plastic mini-penis to suck through.I told her/you that she looked good doin that.I was the bass player in the band.She was tall,thin,with long dark-maybe black hair.-WOW-I would love to talk....................

I Drive a Big Red Dodge Pickup - m4w - 18 (All Over Jax)
I flirt with girls all the time by revving my engine, racing you a little bit, ect. But ive never actually met anyone this way because Im not going to follow someone around if i dont know them and I dont know if they are interested, thats just creepy, but I get checked out all the time so I figured id put an ad on here in case anyone was looking for me, so if we flirted or if you just like my truck let me know and we can talk

St. Petersberg ad girl - m4w - 25 (Orlando)
I saw you featured on a billboard off e colonial blvd, (and then again on fairbanks) advertising tourism for St Petersberg. You were breathing fire, in a long white dress stained with the suds of the ocean surf. I couldnt help but wonder what the fuck that has to do with St Petersburg, and then a fleeting thought of what it would be like to make out with you and your firebreath. Would I like it? or would i have to rush my burnt face to the hospital to correct your makeshift facial reconstruction? You sure will "leave me with warm memories", if I ever find you that is.
youre smokin hot, no pun intended.

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