Monday, July 27, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

Michael is married WARNING stay away - m4w - 40 (broward dade palm beach)
my husband is married and has 3 children he is 40 years old. his name is michael. he might tell you he is not married but he is. he drives a burgandy toyota camry. THIS IS WHAT I FOUND OUT About this Skunk of a HuSband I have. according to his emails, he is not the man I married, nor is the man I thought I knew. We have known each other since we were 12. we grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools. NOW I find out that he....
Likes to Tan nude and goes to Haulover clothing optional beach.
he goes to the women seeking men and casual encounters listings to find someone to have sex with.
also it appears he is bisexual and has been looking for men as well.
he likes them young or old, male or female.. even teenagers.. he does not care, so long as he finds someone to have sex with.
This man is married. he has been married since 1992. he has 3 kids that he does not even care about. he prefers to spend his time on the computer looking for sex then spend time with his children. actually he spends more time looking for sex and less time with his family. he is sick and who ever comes in contact with him needs to stay away. HERE is the description of him in case you many come into contact with him. I cannot give personal info about him but I will give you some clues so you will know that this is my husband and that you need to stay away. part of his email address contains the words "THEBIGFISH" his name is michael. he is 5'11" and is 40 he is greek. he is tanned and has black hair with a receding hair line. he is going bald in the front of his head. he has a big beer gut. he likes to fish and likes the beach especially the nude beach..... he drives a crappy old burgandy toyota camry with paint peeling. also he has a crappy job selling shoes. please stay away. I do not want him anymore but more importantly I do not think he deserves to meet someone else because of what he did to our family.


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