Monday, July 13, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays

You were my hood ornament - w4m (on my hood)
You're the most handsome guy I've ever dented my hood with. I still have a lock of your wavy brown hair that was caught in my headlight rim and I saved the front tooth you sacrificed to our fate-inspired meeting of metal, skin, bone, and hair. I think I fell in love w/ you somewhere between watching your post-impact air summersaults and the swagger to your walk that you had once you regained consciousness. You weren't watching where you were going, and I wasn't either so we already have alot in common. Hi!

hottie at burger king on mariner in spring hill - w4m
you have lots of tattoos and you're just freakin' sexy. sometimes i go to burger king just to get chicken nuggets for my dogs so i can see your sexiness.

at the goodwill store on 34th - m4w - 32 (st. petersburg)
I came up to you and asked, "Hablas espanol?" Then you looked at me with your amazing eyes and I realized you are not hispanic. well, i was shocked, you understand, as to what a fool i'd made of myself. of course i said something in perfect english, then I asked you again in spanish. I was sooooooo nervous approaching you. I think i might be a little older than you, but if you want to get back at me, I'd like to start again. in English.

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