Tuesday, September 22, 2009

18th Street Washington DC

A few of the guys wanted to get some tattoos so we stopped off at Tattoo Paradise

If you want a dick in the ass shaped as an american heart, a donkey fucking a senorita blowing its load into his own mouth, or just an overweight 3 eyed jabba the hutt green penis with tentacles. This is the place to go.

I went around the corner and ate the biggest slice of pizza in my life....no joke this is one slice (notice the size compared to my thumb)

Night had fallen and we were still there waiting on some tattoos to be finished up

So beer was then purchased and consumed as we took over the front stoop and turned the stairwell into a club

Shirts are not required to get into our club

This guy tried to get in but unfortunately was not on the list

Kyle was hungry. I knew the perfect thing...How does a crispy crust covered in gooey cheese the size of your head sound?

The answer is mmmARGHRFFFF

Always dive in head first

It was so delicious Kyle and Cullen decided to act out they're favorite scene from Lady & The Tramp

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