Monday, September 7, 2009

Missed Connection Mondays (Hold The Anchovies)

New River Pizza Guy - w4m
The very first time i ordered from this place i got phenom. pizza....and the hottest pizza delivery guy ever. You couldn't find my house, so you called my phone. i still have your number saved as "hot pizza delivery guy". That was three weeks ago. I've ordered pizza from there twice since then, both times i was disappointed, not by the pizza, but because you didn't bring it to me. should i just call you? What the hell would I say?

pizza....... - w4m - 2 (lost on the way)
yeah we had pizza a couple of times..You were the nicest guy, I finally gave in and slept with you, you suprised me ..I miss your touch and sounds and the things you say while your doin me .ya I gave up quick but I told you I read these and you didnt write a dam thing!!!! what the hell is wrong with you asswhole? Last time we were together you were amazing in every way! You liked everything here and said you'd never share me. I cant get that out of my mind. I am a dummy for letting something so precious go, but it was safe for me. I am sorry and I hope one day in the future we can meet up again so you can say nice things to me again. You are stuck in my mind because I know that nice guy is missing now and I do miss him. You are an amazing are my friend and that is the best thing of all, you deleted me but I was not going to allow that for one second.. I am sorry I was dumb and I hope someday I can sit with you and tell you more face to face.... I want to explain myself to you the best way I know how and I am not good at that so in time when I get the courage up I will explain myself better...until then luv ya, bye, kiss u. we WILL have pizza again and talk.... I miss alot of things about you. I DO WANT IT ALL BUT AM SCARED TO DEATH OF HAVING IT...

pizza boy - w4m (not so lost)

I miss feeling you......Thats the truth! I want you again. I had fun with you but want to have more..your tooth better get better cause I have something for you Violet....


booby tassles said...

Wouldn't you think she had this dudes phone number or at least his name, or is that too old fashioned of me? Someone needs a diary.

pizza boy-
When you start losin' teeth during sex, you're probably hittin that shit too hard.

Petunia said...

I don't stop fuckin til my teeth fall out