Monday, August 9, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

jugglin some balls - w4m (TALLY)
saw you jugglin some balls and I thought you were pretty freakin great.

you live across from me and I watched - m4w - 25 (near campus)

you live across from me and I watched you pleasure yourself with your battery powered friend. Next time I want to be in the room with you while you do that, watching, not touching, just examining the skillful way you pleasure. If you're amenable to allowing this we can work it out. Respond with "My Friend and I" in the subject line.

There you were in the other side of the room, just sitting there with your legs crossed while sipping on your dirty martini. It was sooo sexy. You werent slutting yourself out like the other girls who were blowing everyone at the moment. So classy with your legs crossed and elegant I headed towards you. And by headed I mean my head was aiming at you....Never mind...Anyways there you were blinking so gently and slowly as girls faces were getting shot by there partners in the background. I sat next to you and thats when you leaned over me to say" This is not what I expected".... Huh I thought? you replied to me"I am not that type of swinger". I said, not to worry, I will get us out of here but it will have to be smoothly because swingers dont take it lightly when you dont do shit and just leave there party early. Thats when you Blew me as we side shuffled out of the room. I guess you took one for the team. Either way if its you hit me up so we can finish what we started.


booby tassles said...

Wow, this woman must have been a secret agent...side shuffling and falacing at one time is super hard.

Petunia said...

you're tellin me