Monday, August 16, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Are you a vampire?? - w4m (Sanford/heathrow)
I first met you at Amura in heathrow we talked bout the night club in lake Mary. I had a friend ask you if you were a vampire. You said you get that a lot. Next I ran into you in the Seminole mall last I saw you was at the gas station on 46. We kept looking at each other and at the end you said hi and I left. I know this is like one in a million chance you'll read this but if you do I'm the girl with red range rover.

sexy redbox guy - w4m (University and Atlantic)
You were so sexy. I saw you today at the Redbox at Walgreens. You had on black, yellow and orange tye dye pants, with a pink and green shirt. You had long hair, and was balding. You are so fine. If you see this, email me. Xoxo

Trolley Storm Trooper - w4m - 19 (International Drive)
You: Leaving the Star Wars convention dressed in a storm trooper costume. Had gauges(I'm guessing an inch) and a shaved head.
Me: Sat towards the back. Bleach blonde hair, black shirt, black pants, leopard print purse. Moved to the bench behind you shortly before you got off the trolley. Had my eyes on my Blackberry almost the whole ride.

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