Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deerhunter For My Birthday

I was gonna write something...but this review from the Void99 said everything I was gonna say already. Enjoy.

A lot of the songs played were from Halcyon Digest. Two of which in Helicopter and He Would Have Laughed had Cox playing an acoustic guitar with noise pedals for effects. Other songs played were Revival, Nothing Ever Happened, and the title track for EP Rainwater Cassette Exchange. After a nine-song set, the band took a break with fans yelling for an encore where they got a surprise.

For one night only, Colin Mee returned to the band to play a three-song encore. It definitely got crazier and during the last song where everything got way overboard. With Mee playing upside down, Fauver dancing around, drummer Moses Archuleta keeps playing the drums, and Cox and Pundt both making a pose. Something incredible happens that can’t be put into words.

The fans suddenly were on stage and man, that trumps all sorts of concert experiences. This show was more than just a concert but a celebration of Atlanta’s best band finally getting some recognition and coming home to the fans that adored them. And in return, they give them an experience like no other. Karen O was right, going to a Deerhunter show is like a religious experience. Seriously, this is the band to go to see and it will definitely be unforgettable. You can download the full set here...I would def recommend it.

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booby tassles said...

you can't forget sloppy drunk girl boppin around in font of us

Petunia said...

the empty bottle of wine on the floor was all that was left

booby tassles said...

I bet she turned into a pumpkin at midnight