Monday, October 4, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

Delivery Driver-So Fine I Freaked - w4m - 27 (Tallahassee, FL)
I made the best choice of my life yesterday when I ordered a sandwich from your restaurant. You looked a little like Shaggy, but more scooby-licious, if you know what I mean. I ordered a big john and a cookie. I wish I would have had the nerve to ask if your big john would like to be introduced to my cookie. Fate has a funny way of giving second chances though. I can only hope that you will see this and respond.

I figured I had to do this after seeing you tonight. I saw you in Walmart, and you blew my mind. You had one of the most lovely, big booty's that I've ever seen. I couldn't tell whether those were cotton pants, or jeans. All I know is that you had a phenomenal body You were beautiful, and I'm not sure whether that was your real hair or not. But I don't care either way. You smiled at me, and I smiled at you. I was the muscular, well toned brother, with the blue jeans, and the fitted t-shirt that really showed my chest and arms. I'm just taking a chance with this, but if you think this is you send me a message with the word WALMART as the subject.

ay papi - w4m - 23 (Tijuana Flats)
While enjoying my cheesy chimichanga, I spied a spicy PAPI! But you, alas, were with two ladies and my adrenaline rush hot sauce was not as hot as you, papi. HAVE ENCHILADA NEED SPICY DADDY FILLING. HAVE BURRITO NEED HOT SAUCE. HAVE NACHOS NEED CHEESE AND YOUR HALLA PEEN YO.


booby tassles said...


Petunia said...

What difference does it make if her pants were cotton or jeans? Am I missing something?

booby tassles said...

Sharpies don't wear cotton because their late ancestors picked it from my grandfather's plantation.

Petunia said...

da da da da DAAAMNNN