Monday, February 1, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

night time hottie working hard at publix - w4m - 38 (2am ish)
hi, i happened to be driving home from da clubz and saw you directing some guys out behind publix. from what i can tell, ur fine and in charge. that's the kind of man i'm looking for. tall, shaved, and in charge of other guys. if you dont have kidz and credit card debit please respond. i swear, i'm the last cougar you'll ever need.
36 24 36

you filmed my friend and her husband - w4m (Holiday)
you are the guy that video taped my best freind and her husband having sex saturday night - i wanted to give you my number but you already left the club - i was about to ask if we could hook up after you filmed them but you left to soon - anyways you never did tell me your first name only your stage name - i have no way of contacting you - if by some chance you do see this - please respond with your stage name and what we were discussing so i know it is you - Kara

The Birthday Boy at Sharab Club - w4m - 21 (Gainesville)
I'm looking for the Birthday Boy who Just turned 23! You were celebrating at the Sharab Lounge upstairs. You were wearing a blue shirt, and I had on a cute black and white dress! The girl you had with you brought me over to give you a dance. I was wearing a penis name-tag that read Virgin. My friends made me leave before I could get your number. You were hot. Maybe we can get to know each other?

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