Monday, February 8, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

** Chuck&Cheese** - m4w - 39 (OP, FL)
I hope you remember but I was staring at you on this past Friday at Chuck&Cheese. It was between 7pm through 9pm. You were wearing a jean with a white t-shirt with a beautiful long curly hair. You were with your kid. And you have this SEXY look. If you know who you are contact me. I would love to meet u.

The girl in my dream last night - m4w - 25
We were at some kind of movie or something, but for some reason the seats were reclined about 45 degrees. We ended up a lot closer than the seats would normally be and started playing finger footsie and holding hands. I told you you were really hot, and you said, "So are you." Then you went from holding my hand to my crotch. You had blonde hair and had that cute/hot thing going on. Sorry this is so vague -- it was a dream, after all, and quite regrettably, I believe I woke up when you started fondling me. Anyway, if you see this and still wanna hook up, I'll probably be going to bed tonight around 11:30-12, and REM should follow 4-5 hours later.

Nice Butt Krishna lunch - m4w
Hey girl i saw you at krishna lunch, dark hair, in the black leggings, with a real nice butt. a big old beard tickler! a real lip dribbler! you could get into a lot of trouble with a butt like that. I mean to say that is a lot of trouble going on back there. that butt belongs in the parthenon or at least on the mudflaps of a volvo tractor trailer! hooo man, do I get worked up. just cant control myself, thinking how does it jiggle!

PS dont let this old crocodile get a grip on that butt cause I wont ever let go!!! signed,Fatty Beltbuckle, lover of posteriors, derrieres, and big old nasty ghetto ass drippers


Anonymous said...

I look forward to MCM every week, it's truly amazing. The thread concerning the dream lady was a gem.

Petunia said...

Damn Gleb where you been???!

Anonymous said...

Still in tally last semester but then grad school. hope all is good in the tpa.