Monday, June 7, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

I need friends on facebook - m4w - 40 (tampa)
Hey.. I need friends on face book... send me a email and help me out..

Girl in pink pants/jeans walking in Brickell - m4w (Brickell)
You had on what looked like a storm trooper mask. You had a hot body, wanted to see the face behind the mask. Tell me what time you were walking in your reply so I know it's you.

To the grungey creeper who broke into my car - w4m (Cocoa Beach)
I know it was you, because you acted totally shady when you saw me pull up to the beach entrance at 6th Street South and then lingered around until I left my car. I should have run you over when I had the chance. But you've had your fun racking up a $22 bill at Wendy's and hitting up every convenience store between Cocoa and Orlando with my credit cards. I want my purse and wallet back. They were special gifts from different people, and I know you won't have use for them. Give them back and I'll even buy you more Wendy's. Maybe we could even hit the beach together - it looks like you never made it today since you got sidetracked breaking into my car and fleeing the city.


booby tassles said...

How can you not know if it was a storm trooper mask?i I have never even seen Star Wars and I know what a storm trooper looks like.

Petunia said...

Don't forget about the pink pants