Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Right near da Beach BoyyEEE

Being a good samaritan gives you a little bounce in your step

Saw this little guy and had to pull over

Escorted safely to freedom before he was a treadmark

Welcome home little buddy

He looks like Michelangelo's long lost Uncle Mitch Angelo

Beach time

Sweet nectar of the gods

Probably the gayest photo to ever grace the pages of YCLWAB

Matt takin a load! check out for the XXXvideo

The Money-Shot (*Edit: this is the gayest photo to ever grace YCLWAB)

First time for everything

Veteran Fuzzy-Navel Connoisseur

Proper technique

Laid back

Double trouble



booby tassles said...

I lost my sun glasses to that gulf..they're prob oil goggles for some poor tiger fish now.

lakelander said...

holy fucking shit

Petunia said...

atleast that tiger fish will go out in style