Monday, June 14, 2010

Missed Connection Mondays

I came home for lunch and heard you pleasuring yourself - m4w - 40 (Feather sound)
I think you heard me arrive and knew I was standing outside. You put on an ammazing audio show for me. It was so hot I had wood the entire time. Would love to watch next time.

burger king - m4w - 23 (atlantic/hodges)
i went threw the drive threw around 11:45 tonight. normally i wouldnt post a missed connection just because a cute girl was handing me food but it took me three trips around the building to get my entire order. the third time i pulled up to your window i told you i didnt get my pie. at this point you were kind of leaning over and smiling and asked me what pie. it really took alot out of me not to reply with a sexual inuendo comparing your vagina to a pie i wanted(im not gona lie ive had a few drinks tonight and both your vagina and the pie i ordered sounded prettygood)

anyways i considered pulling around for a fourth time not only to try and get you in my bed tonight but to also get some of those awesome looking funnel cakes. So yeah if this is you and your interested in me coming back around sometime and comparing parts of your anatomy to items off the dollar menu let me know i live close and i eat their all the time. and if it is you and your not interested could you atleast give me your honest opinion about the new ribs? ive been tempted to try them but they cost about as much as they would at any bar b q place and if they suck im going to be disapointed.
also tell me what i ordered so i know it is you.

Howard Franklin - masturbating in traffic - m4w - 27 (Northbound)
You saw me in my car jerking off this afternoon, you couldn't help but watch me as we were driving side by side in traffic on the Howard Franklin Bridge. Let me know if you remember and if you're interested in more

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